Importance of a Dedicated Server for your Organization

posted on Aug 08, 2014 under server hosting dedicated hosting

The Dedicated servers exactly mean they are dedicated to you. For businesses that totally depend on online web presence, should have a dedicated server which easily operates their websites. You would have to use them for verity of reasons, a website, ecommerce, databases, email and applications. Every business is different and so dedicated servers allow choosing the technology according to the business needs. Some of business clients have various anti-products that they need to grow within a given time. So, opting for dedicated web hosting gives you the ability to grow. There are 3 main key benefits for dedicated server; that is Performance, Security and Control.

In terms of Performance, it’s really all about speed, speed is massively important to maintain. Especially when you have an ecommerce site that needs to give an amazing user experience. Most crucial is SEO, Google maps the Google rank is based on the speed of the website. Many business have learned to avoid the risk of shared hosting, with a dedicated service you can lock down you environment.

Dedicated servers give one hundred percent of the server machine and all the resources, Disk Space, monthly traffic, server memory of your choice and website needs only. A Dedicated server give you full control over your It environment, you can re-build the server anytime you want and install software. You can use it for your own large sites or re-sell hosting to other customers, or just to store your company’s archives offline. The server is only for your use, giving you increased protection on any possible hacker attacks.

Even though there are no unfavorable talks about Dedicated Server, but one disadvantage of having this server is that it is very expensive. But as an online business entrepreneur my suggestion on having dedicated server is really reliable and worth. A perfect hosting for your business will make your website famous and accessed everywhere, which in turn will gain profit to your company.

In Dedicated Servers there are two types of hosting servers:

Managed and Unmanaged.

In Managed server administrative work will be done by the service provider itself. 

In Unmanaged Server administrative work should be taken care by the user.

According to recent survey on hosting server used, it was known that dedicated server is the best platform for every business organization. In Dedicated server hosting up-time of 99.9% is guaranteed. It is recognized to be one of the best, secure and reliable website hosting for organizations. 

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